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Looking for names that go together like Itchy & Scratchy?

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Names of the month

Names of the month

Names of the month

Every month we nominate our favourite pet names...they may have tickled our fancy or be clever or unique. We hope you enjoy them!

You can find this month's names on our home page. If you need some more inspiration, why not browse through some of our previous months' suggestions below.


December 2023

  • Rolls Royce
  • For the premium pet with a bit of attitude. Alternatively, the name Bentley would also suit a cat or dog a notch above the rest.
  • Max, Maxi or Maxine
  • Our number one dog name, you can't go past Max for short and easy. For a more fun variation, try Maxi or Maxine for a girl.
  • Hugs & Kisses
  • Do you have an affectionate pair of pets who love to be cuddled? Then Hugs & Kisses could just be the perfect choice.

November 2020

  • Celebrity matching names: Think your pet looks like someone famous? This guy on the right has an uncanny resemblence to Samuel L. Jackson, so no guessing what his owners called him!!
  • Biscuit and Brownie: For the most delicious pair of delightful pups/kittens....simply delectable!
  • Buddha: For the more 'robust' and stately pooch or pussycat who has a bit of a godly air about them, go no further than 'Buddha' for their name!

October 2023

  • Smirnoff: For the guy who is simply too trendy and cool for school ;). Team him with Stolly for a great 2 pet combo!!
  • Whisky & Soda: Another cute pair of names with a liquid theme...and very cute too!
  • Houdini: Another magical pet who fancies themselves as a bit of an escape artist!

September 2023

  • Cha cha / Tango
    For the pet who danced right into your heart, with a Latin American flavour. This one is sure to be sweet and seductive!
  • Einstein
    Just a pup but already knows a few tricks? Your pet could be a genius,
    so why not give him a name that suits.
  • Tigger / Tiger
    For the kitty who is fun, playful, affectionate and cheeky....just like the popular character from Winne the Pooh. You can't go wrong with our most popular cat names.

Aaugust 2023

  • Dogmatic/Dogmatix: For the stubborn, assertive pet who always wants to have things his own way!
  • Ping Pong: The purrrfect name for a pet who is all over the place, bouncing off the walls! Or you could use Ping & Pong for a crazy pair!
  • Pet and Foie Gras: Continuing on the gastronomic theme, we recently met two lovely pooches on our Facebook page with these names.....just mouthwatering!

July 2023

  • Smooch: Our favourite name for the most loveable Valentine's pet....who needs a human partner when you can kiss this one all day long?!
  • Pandora: For the mischievous pet who is good at everything!
  • Hendrix: After the legendar guitar player, Jimi Hendrix, this is one cool dude!
  • Whisky & Tequila: A bit of fun for the cheeky pair of pets who put a smile on your face....

June 2023

  • Bonkers: Does your dog like to entertain himself by running round in circles after his tail? Or bark wildly at that huge dog up the road? Bonkers might just be the perfect name for him!
  • Chairman Meow: For the cat who runs the house and fancies himself as a bit of a dictaor! A takeoff on Chairman Mao, founder of the People's Republic of China (1893-1976).
  • Dammit: This is convenient...when he's missing or run outside you can just yell 'Dammit get in here!'

May 2023

  • Xena: A popular name for a strong female pet, after the TV show 'Xena Warrior Princess'. But perfect also for the friendly pet as her name means 'One who is hospitable to strangers'.
  • Facebook: For the most networked pet in the hood (or the pet who likes to read?)

April 2023

  • Harry/ Hermione/ Ron or Albus Dumbledore: To celebrate your love of Harry Potter and his crew, why not name your pet in their honour. If they are really bad you could always call them Voldemort!
  • Pablo / Picasso: The perfect name for the pet with an artistic flair - even if it is just for chewing slippers! After the legendary Spanish painter Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)

July 2019

  • Einstein: A pet more brains than beauty. Named after scientist Albert Einstein (1879-1955), famous for his theory of relativity.
  • Klutz: This hapless pet just can't help knocking into things, knocking over things, and making a mess!

June 2019

  • Harley: A popular name for the cool dude who likes to ride! Short for Harley Davidson motorcycle, the US manufacturer of classic motorcycles.
  • Axel/Axl: Father of peace, trustworth and dependable....also a very cool rock and roller!

Need more help? Check out our pet naming tips or most popular name lists.

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